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This is awesome stuff from other people. Go give them a Watch. As you can tell, Most of the stuff i favorite is MLP related but click browse favorites to view the other folders of favorites.

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Prepare for a roller coaster folks, this is the most exciting BronyCon story yet (stick around to the end, please).
So, BronyCon was a blast this year, i got to meet alot of friends i only knew as icons and voices, but no faces. I would link y'all, but i'm in a hospital in Indiana on their wifi (more on that later).
    Thursday- My dad and I got a late start on Wednesday, as i had to work till 3 p.m that day. We drove all night from Kansas City and got into Baltimore around 11 a.m Thursday. We got checked into the hotel and went to hang with a friend before grabbing our badges. Later that night i went out and met up with a few of my online friends whom i've never met in person, and we all went to dinner at Dicks last Resort. after that, i had to split from the group and head back to the hotel so i could get a nights sleep for the convention the next day.
    Friday- What a day, what a day, what. a. day. I have never had a more busy Friday at the con. Almost every panel i wanted to see what scheduled on that day. Every hour was another panel i wanted to attend it seems, and i was on my feet the whole time. I didn't spend much time in the vendor hall, as i was always bouncing from panel to panel. The party kept going into the night, we me attending a few late night panels that ran into the early morning hours on Saturday. by around 1 a.m i was back in the hotel room and ready to sleep.
    Saturday- This is the day i spent a considerable amount of time in the vendors hall, as there were only a few panels i wanted to see, most of them being skipped.I wound up commissioning a lot of artist to draw my OC, and ones for a couple friends who couldn't make it to BronyCon. needless to say, Saturday was quite a lazy day for myself.
    Sunday- yet another lazy day. I only had two panels i attended, one of which was to meet a friend i promised to meet and forgot to do so. The other was about plushies, and was quite boring. Other then that, i spent it in vendors hall picking up commissions from Saturday and taking advantage of the fire sales going on.  We then left early so i couldn't spend what i had left at the con and so we could make it home.
    Monday morning- All hell broke loose this morning. Around 3-3:30 a.m, we were westbound on 1-70 when disaster struck. I won't go into details on what happened, but needless to say, i'm writing this in a hospital in Indiana while waiting for family to get here from Kansas City, as my dads truck is totaled. My dad and I are fine, but yeah, we're in a bit of trouble for a while, so i may have to figure out how to do commissions to help recover from this.

*Update* We made it home at around 2:30, 3:00 a.m Tuesday morning. I had to call in to work and let them know i wouldn't be there (they didn't like that a bit), and i had to contact BronyCon as it turns out, the airbag chemicals were eating a hole in my shirt.
And today, Wednesday, we're starting the long road to normal again. I went back to work, and everyone else is doing what it takes to get everything situated now that this has all happened.

I will post the sketch commissions when i get the scanned copies edited, but the other stuff will not be posted. -Railphotos.


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Though be warned, if the mics on things can get out of hand, quick.

I am not that good at drawing but hand me a camera and i'll blow you away. I am really good at Railroad Photography and anything train related. Also, For those wondering why there are Ponies in my Favorites, I am a brony. If you don't know what a brony is then go Google it.
One of the reasons i have good photos is due to me taking Photo Classes in High school and due to me owning a nice Canon Rebel T5i. I have to admit, They're expensive camera's but worth every penny, But to use it for what i do, You'll need to buy a zoom lens for it but that's just a minor set back.
One thing i find my self doing alot is when ever i go view someone's account that post pictures of trains, I'll go through everything and look for fellow Railfan Brony's.

Family and Friends i know In real life
:iconwolfnut2985: :iconmetalheadrailfan: :iconexileoffyr: :iconrusty711us: :iconkmanhbk18: :iconlonewolf3878:
Friends i know online.
:iconkit-bash: :iconfrist44: :iconmariofan48: :iconkenshi222: :iconthehigherarch: :icontonith2234:
My art Status and rules.
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke :iconrequestfriendsonly: :iconarttradesfriendsonly: :iconcollabsfriendsonly: :iconnocommissions: :iconnopointcommissions: :iconnokiribans:
Favorite Without Commenting by LumiResources .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Mature Comment by LumiResources Read Comments by LumiResources
And by friends i only mean the ones listed above.
Favorite quote:
"Your future hasn't been written yet, No one's has, Your future is what you make it, so make it a Good one"-Doc brown from Back to the Future 3.
Favorite song lyrics:

"I'm in a hurry to get things done. I rush and Rush until Life's no fun. All i really got to do is live and die but i'm in a hurry and i don't know why" -Alabama (Country band)

"I feel no shame I'm proud of where I came from I was born and raised in the boondocks. One thing I know No matter where I go I keep my heart and soul In the boondocks"- Little big Town (from their song Boondocks)

"Isn't it great to be different? Isn't it wonderful to be exactly who you are? When you love to start accepting yourself, you'll become a shining star." -Great to be Different (Original by Forest Rain, feat. Decibelle)

"Life's a dance you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. Don't worry about what you don't know. Life's a dance you learn as you go" - John Michael Montgomery from his song "Lifes a dance"

"If you're going through hell, keep on going. Don't slow down, if you're scared don't show it. You might get out before the devil even knows you're there"-Rodney Atkins, from his song "If you're going through Hell"

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These are some cool Stamps and stuff.

Breaking the 4th Wall Stamp by Sonic-chaos Brony Music Stamp (Octavia) by McNikk MLP Surprise by CupcakeAttack85

US Steam Fan Stamp by engineer825 American Steam Fan Stamp by FriscoWolf I Support Lionel Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241
Derpy Hooves Stamp by jewlecho Lyra Stamp by jewlecho Fluttershy Stamp by jewlecho Trixie Stamp by jewlecho
Pinkie Pie Stamp by jewlecho Vinyl Scratch Stamp by jewlecho Rainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlecho Scootaloo Stamp by jewlecho
Luna -New Version- Stamp by jewlecho Rarity Stamp by jewlecho Sweetie Belle Icon by jewlecho Sad Pinkie Stamp by jewlecho
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I laugh at fandom haters by prosaix Call it arrogance... Call it stubbornness... by prosaix Online ads by prosaix Freeze- CLMC1 by prosaix
MLP Octavia Stamp by Kevfin Cutie Mark Crusaders Stamp by Kevfin MLP Derpy Hooves Stamp by Kevfin Rainbow Dash Stamp by Kevfin
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Even though it looks like i hardly do anything on here, It's mostly because when ever it is train related, I usually get everything on video so i can't upload it here so Don't forget to stop by my Youtube channel and watch my Railfanning videos. Anything MLP will be uploaded here unless it's videos from BronyCon.
Thanks for visitin by k-nelo

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